Our Story

Welcome to First Due, your destination for authentic Long Island apparel for surfers by surfers.

As a family of passionate surfers, born and raised on the shores of Long Island, we've spent our lives riding the waves and embracing the ocean's beauty. Our love for surfing runs deep, ingrained in every fiber of our being, shaping not just out lifestyle, but also our identity.

But our story doesn't end there. We are also proud members of the New York City Fire Department, a lineage that has been passed down through generations. The name "First Due Surf Co." pays homage to our roots as firefighters, symbolizing our commitment to serving our community and protecting our shores with the same dedication and bravery.

Living on Long Island is a blessing we cherish every day. From the endless stretches of pristine beaches to the vibrant surf culture, we are fortunate to call this place home. We understand the importance of preserving and celebrating its natural beauty, which is why sustainability and environmental consciousness are at the core of our business values.

At First Due Surf Co., creativity knows no bounds. Every apparel design is collaborative effort within our family, infused with our shared love for surfing and our unique experiences growing up on Long Island. Each piece tells a story, capturing the essence of coastal living and the spirit of adventure.

Join us as we ride the waves, embrace the salty air, and celebrate the rich tapestry of Long Island's surf culture. Whether you're a seasoned wave rider or simply drawn to the allure of coastal living, First Due welcomes you to explore our collection and be a part of our journey.